Thought of the day

A r t  i s

to see the beauty in our world and react to it

to be inspired by it and create from it

to explore and experiment

to touch and craft

to imagine and construct

to see goodness and portray it

to feel emotion and respond to it


Rune Bo Jakobsen, 29. March 2013



Sculpture & Paintings

In Sculpture currently dealing with


Ideas of expansion, growth & fertility

Exploration of structure & volume

Experiments with materials & casting techniques

Texture, light, balance & colour

Public artworks & their relation to place and people

Original Artworks in Concrete, steel, stone, timber, pvc and card


In Paintings currently dealing with


Reflected light, texture, contour & colour

Composition & scenography

Depth, layers, motion & history

Portrait & state of mind

Malta towns and fortifications, Dockyards & Nature

Geology & Canyon spaces

Original Artworks Oil, enamel & acrylic paintings on timber & canvas

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